ISC Services: Teamwork Results in Achieving Goals

Innovative Strategic Communications (ISC) is a specialty communications agency. As such, we focus on several key service areas for our clients to ensure that all outcomes are the best they can be. Taking a strategic perspective is a central aspect of our approach.

ISC specializes in the creation and dissemination of marketing and educational messages for products in all stages of development.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the finest service based upon our decades of industry and communications experience.

Pre-Market Awareness

  • The pathway to market can be a long and intrigue-filled journey
  • Building pre-market awareness is an essential aspect of that journey

Advocacy Development

  • Advocates do not exist: they must be developed
  • Identification and engagement are only the beginning
  • Planning, scheduling, measurement and adjustment are required

Training Programs

  • Educating audiences is an essential aspect of communication
  • Establishing audience-specific learning objectives is a first step
  • Understand how to truly reach an audience is where the art occurs