Pre-Market Awareness: Reaching Your Audience in Today’s Complex Environment

It is a long way from Phase I to product approval.

Along that path a variety of opportunities exist to communicate to a range of audiences.

Pre-Market Awareness focuses on providing data / educating audiences in a pre-planned, organized and targeted fashion.

Each communication should fit into a broader plan designed to both inform and educate audiences

Knowing Your Audience is vital because perception is reality.

Understanding who you are trying to reach, what methods they prefer for engagement, how they perceive value and why they would be interested in a specific communication effort can make all the difference.

ISC has worked with a host of companies to assist in the creation and execution of of Pre-Market Awareness campaigns. In addition to North America, ISC has propelled these operations in Europe, South America and the Asia-Pacific regions.

A Clinical and Educational Journey into the Pharmaceutical Market of India