Innovative Strategic Communications
A Specialty Communications Agency

All Communication is Strategic.

These words are more than a mere phrase at ISC: they are a steadfast rule.

As a specialty medical communications agency, everything that ISC conceives, develops and executes on behalf of our clients is visualized based upon the strategic nature of the communication.

ISC offers a variety of targeted services predominantly focused upon increasing Pre-Market Awareness for new therapies or medical devices under development and recent clinical advances in a broad range of therapeutic segments.

Education is the key focus of ISC activities. Whether information is being conveyed via a published manuscript, our Educational Exhibit™ or Consensus Conference™ concepts or via a web-based activity, ISC has the experience and resources to deliver your targeted strategic communication.

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What’s New

A new ISC-developed Educational ExhibitTM program made its debut. This program provides information to address the growing concerns that medical professionals have with regard to Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia (CABP). To learn more about similar efforts CLICK HERE.

Our Work

Publication Planning

Publication Planning is both an art and a science. Strategy, research and experience play essential roles in the development and execution of a professional publication plan. ISC has extensive experience in Publication Planning for programs of every size and scope.


Consensus ConferenceTM – HIV DRI Activities

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